Kamagra oral jelly for a healthy sex

Sexual  Satisfaction  is a pillar of the healthy relationship. If a person doesn’t satisfy his partner there are high chances of problems occurring in the relationship. One of the reasons that leads to divorce is due to low sexual satisfaction 

 One of the major hurdles in keeping a good sexual life is erectile dysfunction or Impotence. Erectile dysfunction is where you cannot sustain an erection due to insufficient blood flow towards penis. Men usually don’t discuss this issue and rely on instant home remedies thereby wasting time and money . Kamagra is one of the methods to treat erectile dysfunction. It is a generic form of viagra that allows you keep erection for a longer duration.

Potency of Kamagra oral jelly 

Kamagra oral jelly is effective because of the prime element sildenafil which is phosphodiesterase type 5(PDE5) inhibitor. Sidenafil dialates tan he penis blood vessels eventually gives you sexual stimulation . 

This process releases nitric oxide which is crucial for re-energising the guanylate cyclase enzyme. Cyclass enzyme improves guanosine monophosphate(cGMP) level this helps in easing the blood vessels of reproductive organs by letting the blood to fill up in erectile tissues there by getting erection naturally.

At the same time it breaks down phosphodiesterase-5( PDE5) , this enzyme  is responsible for cGMP which prevents the blood flow into penis leading to erectile dysfunction. Kamagra oral jelly is more effective than tablets because it’s absorption rate is high and its effect shows within 30 – 40 minute.

Direction for taking oral pills

Kamagra oral jelly is best taken when you’re sexually excited. So if you’re excited, take the pill within an hour to make the erection last up to 4 hours. So to make the pill effective for you make sure to follow the directive.

The pills should be taken 15 minutes before the actual sex. So you have to cut the sachet either swallow the whole content or take it in the spoon. Before taking pills do eat a good meal to make the effect for a longer duration

The jelly main advantage is it doesn’t give you gastric irritation. The disclaimer is don’t take more than one pill a day

In conclusion, to get a good sexual encounter for a longer duration, it’s better to have a balanced diet and follow the directive to get prolonged pleasure.

Due to so much effectiveness, Kamagra oral jelly is popular product to add a flavor of amazing love for a healthy romantic life.