How To Stay Awake At Work

How to stay awake at work

Nowadays you all know owing to the COVID scenario and work at home there is a rising amount of stress related to achieving work targets and a longer period of work hours. and everyone finding a solution for how to stay awake at work.

Before the pre-COVID era, I used to have a very normal life having a barbie every weekend with family and kids. As work from home started, the situation in the home become a mess with kids to manage, food to cook, work from home, office pressure, spousal fights over role distribution etc..well you all got the scenario. As my kids are small and with the flexible shift it somewhat manageable to do work in the night time. But the real problem came to stay awake during night client meetings but fortunately, Modafinil came to rescue.

If this medicine hadn’t come in life literally I would have gone crazy. Before this, I used to search for ways to stay awake but some of it really works. Below I have listed some of tried and tested way to stay  awake

 Drink water during work

Drinking water doesn’t mean having gallons of water and always rushing to the dunny. Always sip water in regular intervals which surprisingly keeps you awake and the good part is having a healthier and youthful face. See you can really visualize beautiful glowing face..oops that reminds me to have my water.

Have a chewing gum

Disclaimer don’t have a chewing gum while on the meeting. Chewing gum works wonder on not only to stay awake but also for facial muscles. While chewing it releases insulin, which makes you feel alert and increases blood supply to the head.

Exercise and move to stay awake.

See I am not saying to take your laptop to keep moving, take a break in every hour for a few minutes to do exercise and move around. You can move around your home for quick stretching to get energized.

Eat Fruits and Nuts

Instead of eating junks food or sugar-induced energy bars which feels like a good option but will create long term damage to your body. Take it from me it creates lots of body problem and a trip to the doctor made me aware of the hazards of it. Always keep eating fruits and nuts at regular intervals which in the long term helps you to regulate blood sugar level. Some of my options include peanut butter, whole wheat crackers, granola, yogurt, nuts and fruits, baby carrots and cheese.

Listen to Music

When I told ya listen to music doesn’t mean soothing music but loud music. My disclaimer is don’t hear too much music and make your ears numb instead listen to it moderately as per your convenience.

Intake of caffeine 

Caffeine is the best way to remain awake but too much is not good for health. I used to have one cup of coffee before work to boost the start of my work and stay awake at work. Don’t make it habit to consume a lot of coffee as it will be hazardous to your body.


Finally, I am excited to tell you all the miracle oral pills to stay awake at work Modafinil. When my friend told me about this was skeptical to try because like most of ya I didn’t feel it. Since my friend had already used got an amazing result, I went ahead to use it. After having the oral pill to stay awake the whole night was a prayer answered. Anyway, ya can all decide to take the pill but one thing I can vouch for it. You can buy modafinil online as well as from your nearest pharmacy.

Hope you all will give this a try to make your work life smooth.