Where To Buy Latisse Australia


Bimatoprost 0.03 solution which is available under latisse brand name, is a very popular product for eyelash growth among women in Australia therefore they buy latisse Australia. Every women desires beautiful personality, beautiful eyelashes make you look attractive as long and beautiful eyelashes take your personality to the next level.

What is Latisse:

Latisse is an approved ophthalmic solution containing 0.03 percent of bimatoprost. It is available in eye drop form. It’s main ingredient is lumigan which is also a main ingredient in glaucoma medication.It is known by different names such as careprost, bimatoprost 0.03. Latisse was originally developed to treat glaucoma but in a research, it has also been useful in eyelash growth.

Why is eyelash growth affected?

Eyelashes growth get affected due to several reasons:

  • Diet plays an important role in growth of any part in our body however if diet is not balanced, poor diet can impact eyelash development.
  • Eyelashes extension can damage hair follicle if not wear properly, but you avoid such damage by taking expert’s help.
  • Bad quality beauty products can also affect its growth.
  • If you are not removing eye makeup properly also restricts its growth.
  • Eye disease or infection.

Latisse is an effective solution which can help you in eyelashes development and make your eyelashes long , darker and  thicker.

Where to buy latisse:

If you want to purchase latisse, you should consult your doctor, know about all its pros and cons from the doctor and take a prescription to buy it.

You can order latisse online from a good trusted website such as realmedrx or you can get it from your nearby pharmacy. just go through the different options from where you can buy latisse and take your decision.

How to use it

In order to get effective results , you need to apply latisse eye drop serum on a regular basis. Wash your face properly, as it is important to apply it to a freshly washed face. If you are using contacts, remove it before using latisse on eyelids in order to avoid any chances of contamination

You should put one drop of latisse on top of the applicator tip. Hold the applicator carefully above your eyelid part while keeping the latisse side down. Also don’t stop using it suddenly otherwise your eyelashes will return back to their normal state.

Move the applicator across the skin of your eyelid where it meets your eyelashes. Start applying it from the corner of your eye. Apply this serum from the base of lashes and take it outwards similarly as you apply mascara

Do not apply it on your lower eyelids. Make sure that there is no excess solution going into your eyes.Usually latisse is applied before going to bed. You should wait for at least 15-20 minutes before touching eyes or wearing contact so that latisse can dry or it can be painful if latisse goes into your eyes.

You should use latisse as per the prescribed dosage . You should apply it daily before bedtime for good results as the solution stays longer on lashes if it is applied in the night time.